Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Boy and his Dog-

There is just something magical about a boy and a dog. They have a special bond- think Old Yeller, Lassie, Where the Red Fern Grows. Corbin has always been drawn to dogs. He was never afraid of them like Lindy is, he always approached them to pet and play with. I've always been a cat person myself. However, a long time ago, when it seemed another lifetime away, I promised Corbin that he could get a dog when he was 8-years-old. And while Corbin does not turn eight until October, the other dog lover in our house just had a birthday. And on his birthday, an email came to us through our church of a family looking for homes for 13(!) collie-black lab puppies. When I finally conceded to calling a couple of days later, the family only had the runt left. They had received several calls about the puppies that day, and they chose Kent's message as the one they liked best for their coddled runt. Here he is, black with white paws, white neck, and a white tip of his tail. We will pick him up for good after we get back home from our Colorado trip. We need a good name- please give us some suggestions!!


Kent Young said...

I'm thinking Brutus. Ya know,"Et tu Brute'?" Good stuff there.

Anonymous said...

Kent, you would pick Brutus.
The thing you have to decide is if you can take being called "Brutus" from now on when ever Terri is calling for you.
"Brutus! ah.. Corbi... ah Lind...ah ummm KENT!"

Just name him, "Corbin, Lindy, Kent."

Signed Shaun (cause I can't remember my password.)

the Young family said...

Corbin and I like "Flash", Kent and I like "Amos"