Sunday, October 12, 2008

And a couple more birthday pics-

We had a fabulous party with 3 friends out at Papa's place. The theme was camping- check out the cake. Party favors included glowsticks, bags of gorp, beef sticks, a whistle/compass/magnifying glass and an emergency poncho. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows around the fire on the beach. The boys ran all over the place, made pod racers out of some of Corbin's new legos, and promptly fell asleep in a pile of sleeping bags in the bunk house. Cousin Justin and Papa made a delish breakfast the next morning of waffles and sausage. Life is good! Praise the Lord for eight whole years of Corbin's life. We are so blessed by him!!


tyoung said...

What a great cake! Did you do this?

Terri said...

Like you can't tell that cake's home-made. LOL- thanks Terilyn! I think the one I made for Lindy's birthday was a lot more impressive. But, you can tell by Corbin's face that HE's way impressed, which is all that matters, right? ;-)