Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving report

And, for anyone wondering- Thanksgiving was fabulous. The turkey ended up a little dry, but the maple-glazed carrots, apple stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and turtle pumpkin pie were all big hits! I wasn't thrilled with the roasted Brussels sprouts with pecans, but Kent liked them. Just my parents came over. The pics are of Lindy helping Nana and I with the gravy (just before it boiled all over the stove because we were so busy taking pics!), and Papa covered with paper cut up by the kids, taking a little Thanksgiving snooze. Kent read a Thanksgiving story and led us all in prayer and songs. We all played cards while Lindy napped. It was a really nice day!!

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Angie said...

It looks great and sounds like it all came out great. After doing Thanksgiving several times we still had a winner of one this year. Dad and I were up early to do the turkey. I put the BIG bird in the electric roaster and it was too big, the lid would not fit on. He was 22 lbs. So Dad and I took him out and tried to move him about to no luck with getting the lid on. So we covered the roaster and turkey with aluminum foil lots. So we couldn't see it cooking all the time. So an hour before it was to be done we checked it and we realized we had forgotten to poke the holes in the bag. It was cooking but it was so white-no brown on it anywhere. It looked like an albino. So we poked the bag and tried to brown it on the last hour of cooking but still no luck. Everyone said it was really good. Nice and juicy. At one point I just told people to quit saying how it was ok and just accept that to a woman it is also about what the food looks like not only the taste. It was pretty funny. We forgot to take pics of the albino turkey though.