Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little more on frugality...

So, as I have been blogging about, I am still learning much about coupons and saving money on household expenses. Melissa asked a good question on my previous post about non-food items such as toiletries and detergents. Apparently, by combining store coupons, manufacturer's coupons and store sales one can get many of these items for free. Particularly from the drugstores like RiteAid, Walgreens and CV. I am still trying to figure out how this works exactly. But, I would like to throw out there 3 good blogs that I follow that are resources:
-The Frugal Girl is a really helpful blog that I follow regularly and have mentioned before in past posts.
-The Frugal Girl refers to Money Saving Mom here for more info on coupons and getting things for free.
-And Frugal Chic Living is local for those of you living in my community.
These sites can really help you on the makeup and toiletries.
As for detergents and cleaning products I have really enjoyed making my own laundry soap and cleaning products- for health and cost reasons, and I just like them better.

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