Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lindy's 3rd Birthday A.K.A. Terri Embraces Homemaking!

This beautifully decorated CareBear cake and homemade apron signify a monumental shift in my life. I used to often say "I'm not good at crafts", or "I don't like to cook", or worse "I need to get out of this house and find myself". After years of denying my creativity within my home, and insisting that I must have an identity to express outside of my home, I have learned the pure joy of creating beauty at home. Through creating beautifully arranged meals, sewing, decorating, and yes, even cleaning are all ways to make our home more lovely. What better way can I serve others? I used to believe that stressing myself to the max to serve others (church, school, friends, extended family) was good and right. But, I was neglecting those closest to me and giving my best (behavior, prayers, thoughts, efforts) to people outside of my home. This is backwards, and I think that most of us women have this all messed up in our brains. Poor hubbies and children! I highly recommend Edith Schaefer's book "Hidden Art of Homemaking" which our church ladies went through last summer. Kent, mom, dad, grandma, Kelly, Erin, Christa, Jill, Renae, Brenda- thank you for encouraging me to cook, sew, decorate, clean, make cards, shop wisely, and beautify my home. God has really been faithful to us in this area. Please pray that I can continue to be faithful in my efforts. Gardening is next for me to dive into. And look for a future blog about my battles with Mount Washmore. Arg.


Jacqueline said...

Terri~ How beautiful! I am moved by your blog, and so very happy for you too. It is so refreshing to be renewed by your words, as I enter into the summer, with both kids at home all day. Thank you for the encouragement. you are blessed and very missed.

the Young family said...

Jacqueline- I should have listed you too. I still learn from things I remember seeing you do with your kids, or in your house, or things you said. You really have always encouraged me! And remember Corbin's 3rd birthday cake? ;-)

Farley Family said...

Hey there lady, awesome blog!!! Your apron and cake and are 5 stars. Keep it up and I can not wait to see all of the new things that you will create.