Monday, June 2, 2008

Confession Time

We went to a Kenny Loggins concert a few weeks ago. A friend had tickets and we had babysitting for a date night all lined up. The concert was at a casino and I made Kent go with me. It was awesome!! I am such a dork- I knew every single song. And the funniest part? We were the youngest people there, at 30! All of these women my mom's age, and one really obsessed man, were screaming like google-eyed teenagers. Anyone seen the movie "Music and Lyrics"? It was totally like that Knott's Berry Farm concert. I asked Kent- "What is wrong with me that I know all these songs, and nobody our age is here?" And my wise husband reminded me- "Terri, that's how you bonded with your dad." Right. So true. Anyways, the concert ROCKED. I think Kenny Loggins is very talented. Ya know this guy made a career out of movie soundtracks. Even if you think you don't know his music, you really do. Top Gun, Caddyshack, Leap of Faith, Pooh Bear, oh yes and Footloose. Even my music-snob husband agreed that the show was very good and his band-members were great. So, if ya ever get a chance, check out Kenny- just be prepared for the fake-baked, bleach-blond, cigarette-voice, divorcees, late-40s and up crowd of women (plus the one devoted guy-fan). I'm sure that this crowd follows him around the country!

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