Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Please Comment on my Posts!

Please? So that I know someone's out there reading this and it's not just going in to cyberspace thin air and I can quit checking every two hours for no reason. (Insert sheepish grin.)


Anonymous said...

Did you throw anything on stage for Kenny?
I love it... date night? What did Kent think of it?

Kelly said...

Very nice blog Terri. Cute stories.

the Young family said...

Thank you for commenting Anonymous. Kent enjoyed it (don't tell a lot of people that! Hee-hee!)- but my dad would have enjoyed more. Or my college buddy Cassie!! Oh, and no, we didn't throw anything onstage. We were too far back. But, the pack of wild midlife women next to us snuck up front after a couple of songs, and I bet they found something to throw up there!