Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Three 3-year-old Girls-

I had a lovely morning today with my dear cousins and their daughters. We had a "playdate" at the mall and lunch at my house. I feel so grateful to be close to Jill and Christa (my cousins), and while they don't replace my actual sisters, I'm so blessed to have two pseudo-sisters close by! The girls (Gracie, Ella and Lindy) are within eight months of each other. Lindy is the baby, but she's always been a big girl, so they've always all three been the same size. Christa today mentioned how when they were babies we talked about how cute they would be playing together in a few years, and now look. . . We were so right!

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Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the sweet note you left on my blog!! I really appreciate it! Looking forward to working with you, too!