Saturday, June 7, 2008

Toppling Mount Washmore-

Mark my words- Mt. Washmore will be obliterated this week. Bags and boxes of hardly worn and too-small-for-the-kids clothes will LEAVE THE HOUSE for good. I am down to the winter clothes that were neglected when the summer clothes came out of hiding. Thus, the mountain base was formed. I have realized that this happens every spring and fall, just when the family laundry is under control, the season changes! Pray for me, that I may stay persistent in tackling this monumental, yet trivial and mundane task. On second thought, I'm sure that you have much more important things to pray for, so just encourage me and ask me how high Mt. Washmore is when you see me next. Thanks!


Paula said...

Hi Terri,
I just found your blog linked to Nancy Wilson's....wondering why your name was in red (I'm still learning computers!)

I know so well Mt. Washmore! I still struggle with piles of clothes during seasonal changes, as we have to keep those changes in the attic. We have 5 kids and not enough dresser space.

I see that you are a member of Christ Church in Spokane! I am losing one of my best friends to Spokane, and to Christ Church! They are moving way out there from over here in hot, humid, eastern NC. What a change...from 100 degree weather over here to snow in June over there! Incredible. I imagine your snow is not normal any more than our extreme 100's are not the least in June.

We live in a theological desert in Eastern NC as far being reformed goes. We are happy that our friends will be able to feast at the abundance of your table there in Spokane.

Keep perservering in your climb of Mt. Washmore!


Mara said...

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