Friday, June 13, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies. . .

Well, my war waging on Mt. Washmore is going more slowly than I planned, but I am persisting steadily on that battlefront. For those of you who don't know I am a doula and midwive's assistant. I did clean-up duty for two births with two separate midwives last Friday- missed both of the births by less than five minutes- the first one: 6th baby, she always goes fast, the second one: the midwife called me late and then my car wouldn't start (don't worry, it's fine now). Sunday morning: a doula client goes into labor- llllllloooooonnnngggg story- baby born 4:30am Monday morning. I have two other doula clients due June 20th and 22nd and four other births with a midwife due between June 15th and July 7th. And my mom's out of town helping my sister move. Corbin's last day as a first-grader was today. I'm organizing playgroup and ladies' craft nights at church for the summer. Oh- and Margaret the Midwife and I are going to be giving a class this summer to certify new midwive's assistants. SO- there's life for Terri in a nut shell. Whew! Yikes!

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