Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ask and you shall receive....

Friends and family have already been supporting us by giving me textbooks, Amazon certificates, midwifery bags and equipment, and by donating to Birth Journey Prep classes and doula services, over the past year or so. But this past week Kent and I laid our plans and dreams out there for God like we never have before. Stepping out in faith, we asked our friends and family if they would donate towards an internship for me in the Philippines. We needed a minimum of $2,000. We decided that if we did not have over that exact amount by July 11, then that would be our clear answer from God.

Here is the timeline of what happened:

  • July 2- We posted on Facebook, this blog, and the Birth Journey Prep blog. When we received a couple of pledges, Kent told me to get to the post office right away, so I did and applied for my passport. It should arrive just in time. =)

  • July 5- We had reached 75% of our goal, and that was over the 4th of July holiday weekend! My family was all gone and busy at a reunion, and we had not yet emailed our church family. We were amazed!!

  • July 6- Our email went out to the church. By 10:00am we had $1,600. That's 80% of our goal!

  • July 7- Crazy day! 11:00am $305 short. 8:00pm $200 short. 11:30pm $20 short of $2000!!!! So then I'm chatting with my friend online about how we are $20 short and she says she will donate whatever is in her Paypal account. She goes and checks- there is $19.98 in the account. 8-o
    We were $.02 short with four days to go!

So that's the crazy five days we had this past week. Now I am packing, studying, getting Kent and the kids ready for a month without me and school that starts as soon as I get back! My ticket is booked. I leave on August 14 and return September 15. Here is the link to Mercy Maternity Clinic in Davao City, Philippines where I will be.

We are so thankful to God for His clear direction and His gracious provision for us. And we are overwhelmed by generous friends and family that abundantly love and support us! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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