Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Letter

Terri has attended over 120 births since 2001. First hospital births as a doula, then in 2004 she trained to be a midwives' assistant. Assisting and doula work has been a side income for our family, despite the fact that I would prefer we not rely on Terri's income. This past spring, we had three months without any paid births, and we saw what an impact the lack of that income had on our budget. Terri and I feel that the increased income we would see with Terri being a midwife, rather than an assistant, would be a good supplement necessary to our budget.

We have a good plan for her midwifery education and have blogged about it here. In September, Lindy and Corbin will be at The Oaks full time with me and Terri will begin her apprenticeship with the Spokane Midwives (Linda Morgan and Beth Morrill, birth center on Euclid). Upon completion of her certification and state licensure (approx. one year), Terri will have lots of flexibility and time off-call from births working with the Spokane Midwives that would allow her to keep our young children her priority. This is a huge blessing! And yet, Terri would still get to do what she loves and is so passionate about: provide good prenatal and postpartum care for women, and have the honor of attending births. We praise God for such an opportunity!

Recently, Terri has applied and been accepted into NewLife International School of Midwifery's Summer Short-term Clinical Internship Program. They are an approved out-of-country site for NARM, the national certifying body for direct-entry midwives. Therefore, this opportunity would give Terri a boost in her skills and birth requirements toward becoming a Certified Professional Midwife by putting her ahead 6-8 months in her route.

We believe that this summer we have a window of time that is ideal for this month-long internship for the following 3 reasons:

1.) Terri would go approximately August 11-September 14. This is before school starts, and after music camp. I will be with the children, and/or Terri's parents are close by with the lake house and lots of love and spoiling for the kids.
2.) Terri and I would like to have more children, Lord willing. She can not imagine traveling to a tropical country far from home while pregnant, or with a baby, of course. And, she is not pregnant yet.
3.)Both Terri's current preceptor, Margaret Lipton, ARNP, CNM, and Linda Morgan (Marks), CPM, LM of the Spokane Midwives, have recommended that she do an immersion training at a high-volume clinic. That is what this internship would be for her. She would have ample opportunity to get hands-on experience and gain confidence in the specific skills that she needs before beginning her preceptorship as a student midwife.

Of course, having painted this as the perfect opportunity, the Lord has not yet provided us with the money for this. As we continue to pray and believe that the Lord will provide the money for us if He wants Terri to go, we also step out in faith and ask if any of you feel led to help us out by donating air miles, or by joining us in prayer. The cost for a month at this internship is only $700 and that includes room and board. We have saved the money for the internship cost. However, it does not include travel expenses. It seems that the flight will be about $2000, and that is the kicker. We intend to make a final decision by July 11th and thank God for the opportunity to trust Him whatever the outcome.

Kent Young

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