Friday, October 7, 2011

Certified Professional Midwife! (Not yet state licensed, nor getting paid....)

Well, I know I'm forgetting some of this crazy whirlwind of a year we have had since I went to the Philippines, but I really need to give people an update. So many friends and family have stepped forward and supported us financially and/or with childcare, encouragement and prayer. It has been extremely difficult over the past year. I spent two days per week "working clinic", which means spending all day doing prenatal and postpartum appointments at the birth center, often not getting home until 7:30pm. I also work about 5 hours per week filing birth certificates, national statistics and making new client charts. On top of that about 10 births per month which are day or night, from 5-20+ hours each at the drop of a hat. On top of that studying in my "free" time, which I found very difficult because when I was not at clinic or a birth, I wanted to take care of my household- do something to bless my family, not hole up and study.
So, thus, I did not get done nearly as much studying as I should have. I did however complete my Portfolio Evaluation Process for NARM (the North American Registry of Midwives), which was a really big deal involving lots of money in fees, a practical skills examination by a qualified examiner and an 8-hour board exam that I took in August. The truth is, I love taking tests. I am not so good at rhetoric- verbal or essay writing, but by taking exams I enjoy having a way to prove my acquired knowledge. It was a blessing to re-unite in Portland with friends I met in the Philippines. In early September I received word that I passed my boards and have completed the NARM process and am now a CPM.
The CPM is sufficient for licensure in Idaho and Colorado, and many other states. However, here in Washington it is not that simple. I have signed a contract with my preceptors at the Spokane Midwives birth center, and as they have seen me through all of my clinic and required supervised births, once I am licensed in both WA and ID I will get to work as one of the Spokane Midwives. This is very exciting to me and I am anxious to be a midwife at Spokane's only freestanding birth center.
So please pray for me as now I am done with all of my required births and clinic time. All I have to do is gather my own equipment, finish my coursework, and send in my applications for licensure and fees. This will cost approximately $2,000. We have a hard time making our bills from month to month, as I have not been getting paid for attending births for over 15 months now. We do not know how we will gather the required money in order for me to finish my midwifery education. But we know that the Lord has led us the entire way. He provided (through you, friends and family!) the means for my internship in the Philippines, many of my books and much of my equipment. Why would he leave us stranded now?
Pray please that I would be able to focus and work hard on my final studies, to not fret and worry about how I will finish all of this. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. It means the world to our family.

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Keisha Valentina said...

Wow! Congrats to you!

It's an answer to prayer to find a midwife here... I am hoping you get licensed in WA at some point. :)

And I will be praying for you.