Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whirlwind Fall: Beginnings, Endings and Family

Lindy starts full day kindergarten, Corbin starts 4th grade. After one week back to school we head to Colorado to be with the family. The decision has been made to bring Kent's dad Andy home from the hospital and bring in hospice care. Several friends and family were around and it was sweet fellowship. Several of Andy's brothers and sisters even drove out from Illinois. After a week Corbin and Kent need to get back to school so they drove back home, but Lindy and I stay with Grandma Faith in Colorado another week.

This was a very good time for Lindy to spend some time with Grandpa and I tried to encourage Faith with all of her responsibilities. We had some very emotional and meaningful moments with dad praying with him and singing hymns. Lindy got to give him hugs and kisses, and the last time I saw him smile, it was at Lindy.

We had previously planned for aunts Kelly and Tonya to fly up to visit us for Corbin's birthday. So on Friday, October 8th Lindy, Kelly, Tonya and I were on a flight from Denver to Spokane. Faith says that's when the hospice lady encouraged her to give Andy permission to let go. She told him- "We are all ok. The girls are going up to Washington to be with Corbin for his birthday. We are all ok here if you need to go." And then he took his last breaths.

It was good for Kent, Kelly and Tonya to be together here in Spokane that weekend and it was still a special birthday for Corbin, turning 10 on 10-10-10. Kent drove out to Colorado again the following week for the memorial service.

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