Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How old do I look?! (Don't answer that!)

So, I was at a birth with Margaret the midwife the other night. We went to the hospital, settled in to the room and the nurse turns to me, "So, you're her (indicating the woman having the baby) mother, right?"- I just stared at her- "Me?"- "Well, I'm just trying to figure out who everyone is."- "How old do I look?"- "Oh, well you're tired. She just looks so young- she looks like 15. You would be a really young mom."
Mortifying. This mom was like 23- I am 31. Are ya kidding me? Seriously.


Katie Cogswell said...

Hi Terri,
How awful! And there’s no way you look like a grandma! Unless of course you gave birth at 12 and your daughter followed in your footsteps! That nurse must have forgotten her contacts that day. I have the opposite problem; I’m constantly getting “teen mom” comments and looks. For goodness sake I’m almost 23 and married.
I recently updated my blog and realized that you left me a comment over a month ago. Yes, I read Nancy Wilson’s blog. Good stuff. Jacob, Elijah and I go to Covenant Church up on the north side. Jacob’s been friends with the one of the pastors since he was small. He used to baby-sit Jacob and his brothers way back when. How’s your puppy doing?

Kari said...

Yeah!! You have a blog!! Love it!

What ever on that misjudge. Jeez. I think that nurse has watched Juno too many times.