Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pedicures at Nine Months Pregnant

I believe 7 months pregnant is glorious: you feel good, really feminine and maternal, you're not humongous, the peeing-every-10-minutes thing has not set in yet, you can still pretty much sleep at night. But then you hit 36-37 weeks along and you just start feeling really whale-ish. Waddling is the term to describe movement at this point. And putting on shoes becomes a daunting task.
This is when a pedicure is very necessary. Even if you have never done anything like this before, now is the time. Make sure that you have eaten, walking into those fumes on an empty stomach might be a bad idea. Find your local nail tech salon- you can call around for prices $20-25 is great- make sure that their pedicures include the massage chair! Walk in, sign up on the sign in sheet, and pick your color. Oh- and wear shorts and flip-flops, no matter how cold it is outside. Then, enjoy your $25 splurge and think of all the nice comments you will get when you go into labor like, "Pretty feet!" and "Nice toes!". The nurses are sure to notice!
Oh- and don't pass up the extra $5 for the flower- it's worth it.

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So true. So true