Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wrap up each decision with gratitude-

I have always had trouble making decisions. I didn't know that everyone else knew this about me until I was about 12-years-old and my grandma gave me a "decision-maker" keychain for Christmas, with a little spinner that pointed to "yes", "no", "tomorrow", "no way", "definitely", etc. I distinctly remember receiving this gift. I only saw my grandma once a year. It really surprised me that apparently everyone in my family knew that I had trouble making decisions and they thought that it was cute, and even funny.
To this day, I struggle with this. Shopping can be a major stress for me due to indecision, or in reality- worry that I will not make the "right" decisions. If I am not feeling secure enough, I should not even go grocery shopping that day.
I really do not want to pass this on to my children. I worry about Corbin in particular, because he is just like me in thought, word and deed.
This post on Femina hits the mark for me. I will be printing this off and praying about this, and look forward to making headway and pressing on.

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