Saturday, August 30, 2008

Book club-

For something entirely different, let's have an informal book club. I say what I'm reading, and you can join me, or comment if you already read them. Anybody?
OK- well, maybe I'll just report for myself. This summer I read Hamlet (still not as earth shattering as I think it should be, what am I missing?) and Screwtape Letters (which was earth shattering- I love C.S. Lewis!). I'm also going through two opposing books to contrast and discuss with a friend: Amusing Ourselves to Death and Everything Bad is Good For You. So far, I'm almost done with the former and I'm thoroughly convinced. We will see if the latter changes my mind. Today I've gotten a recommendation from a good friend to read Austen's Persuasions. I would really like to discover the magic of Jane Austen for myself and I'm really excited to get into this one.

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