Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Silverwood Photos-

We love going to Silverwood. And it's so great that Jill, Christa, my mom and I all have season passes. Today we took old-timey Western photos of all the great-grandkids of Delbert and Eunice (minus Annika in California). Here's a few pics of the girls, in particular. Corbin's too busy going on serious roller coasters and other daredevil rides to get any good pictures of him. At least that's my excuse for now when I noticed all the pics are of Lindy. :)


TerriLyn said...

What a beautiful family. Thank you for inviting me to your site. Feel free to visit our blogspot. TerriLyn

TerriLyn said...

BTW, I appreciated your CS Lewis quote about life. I need to remember that.