Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update on "A Lack of Focus"-

I want to thank those of you who responded to my post on this and give an update. Thank you to Anna, Kelly, Gabe, Jenny, Christa and others who gave me comforting words of camaraderie and wisdom. My very wise husband also reminded me that all of those things on my list are priorities. None of them can be neglected or else than they do become a glaring obstacle to the other things in life. So, basically, it comes down to routines and maintenance. A little here, a little there. Just being faithful everyday to all of my duties. And isn't that just how God made the world? Repetition, patterns, cycles, slow and steady progress, the sun faithfully rising everyday in the east. I love to be a spontaneous, romantic, fun and impulsive (ok, and honestly, flat-out LAZY) person. But, I need to be a good steward of the blessings I have been given (husband, kids, house, food, etc.). And, I need to be faithful, patient, and persevering.
The Lord has shown Kent and I that so many of our issues stem from a lack of trust. Examples: I must sleep in because I'm so tired: not trusting that God will give me the energy I need to sustain me through the day. Or, I must go to this or that social event, even though my toddler is out-of-control and laundry and dishes are taking over the house: not trusting that God will bless me when I am faithful to serve my family and I need to stay home. Or even, I'm going to pig out on this delicious food in front of me: not trusting that God will give me my daily bread, literally. We are seeing that this trust issue pervades all the corners of our lives. What an insightful husband I have!

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